Cygnus 4 Competition

Following a highly successful Seawork exhibition 2010, Cygnus is delighted to award a Cygnus 4 General Purpose thickness gauge to Mr Leon Jennings, the winner of our hammer test competition challenging boat surveyors to guess the thickness of a piece of steel by using only a hammer.

Leon Jennings from Leon Jennings Yacht Surveys is an experienced surveyor offering a wide range of inspection services including hull inspection and ultrasonic leak testing using the Cygnus CygScope industrial leak detectors. Mr Leon Jennings is a happy & loyal customer of Cygnus instruments and already uses his Cygnus 2 thickness gauge on a regular basis. Leon Jennings comments “Having tried various thickness gauges for ship surveys, the Cygnus gauge stands out as by far the most accurate and best-engineered. The accuracy Cygnus gauges offer is more than one can possibly ask for. I’m thrilled to have won the Cygnus 4 General Purpose thickness gauge at the Seawork Exhibition 2010. The Cygnus 4 General Purpose is housed in a rugged, IP65 & IP67 rated aluminium enclosure which enables a surveyor to carry out inspections without worrying about getting the gauge wet. This is absolutely essential in marine surveying. Cygnus is the best! I would definitely recommend Cygnus thickness gauges to all marine surveyors!”

For more details about Cygnus 4 General Purpose, please visit or contact me directly.