Hull Condition & Osmosis Survey

This is precisely what it says on the tin. If you are happy with the condition of your vessel but need a reassuring inspection and opinion of your hull then this is the survey you may require.

Typically this will involve a detailed examination of sample areas on the hull using the state of the art right up to date Sovereign Quantum moisture meter. This will check for moisture content on or near the surface of the laminate. It then measures further into the substrate up to a depth of 300mm. This gives me one good indication of the condition of the hull.

The hull will be percussion tested and checked for de-lamination, voids and other defects; sometimes these have been present from first commission and lay undetected for years.
The hull is visually inspected for those tell-tale signs of Osmosis, Blisters. They will be carefully examined and where appropriate will be chemically tested using universal indicator to ascertain their “ph” qualities. A correct analysis of the acidic or other quality is another useful tool in the surveyor’s toolbox.

The exterior of the hull and its integrity is often totally dependent upon the structural support stiffening’s and bulkheads inside the vessel. These will be tested for integrity and to ensure they are bonding well. Where defects have been highlighted externally, I will endeavor to identify the corresponding internal cause or link if one exists.
When these tests are complete the results will be reported on in a no nonsense meaningful way giving you an excellent idea of the condition of your hull. I will give you the facts and I will interpret them for you, offering opinions and advise as required.

While comprehensive in style this is a limited scope survey and should not be used for insurance purposes.

Hull external Inspection & osmosis check
This is similar in most respects to the above but does not involve an internal inspection.