Standing Rigging Checks & Electronic Resistance Examination

Can you afford to wait for this to happen?

Why go to all the expense of replacing the rigging when it can be satisfactory tested by me?
Many Blue Water Yachts have completed a Round the World voyage only to return with no change in the readings obtained in the repeat test, this is clear testimony that the answer is simple. “You don’t”

Failure of standing rigging on yachts is not uncommon and is often without prior notice and at a time when anxiety levels are often higher than usual. The failure usually occurs at the wire terminations or as a defect of the terminal itself during manufacture or the making of the fitting.

The method used is to measure the very small electrical resistance between the wire and the terminal body down to Micro Ohms. The results are checked against a standard reading for the type of fitting and size of wire, any higher than average reading indicates a defect or closer examination being required.

The technique has been used in industry for many years to check similar type joints and for nearly 20 years in yacht rigging. This is not new science but tried and tested over time to be very reliable

A detailed survey report is issued with each test and these reports are welcomed and very much accepted by all the major insurance underwriters.

The test can identify the following:
Internal corrosion
Broken strands
Cracked terminals
Movement inside terminal
Defective swagging or assembly
Corrosion and cracks in keel bolts and chain plates

The test can be carried out in addition to the normal survey with the rig down, standing with the yacht afloat or at my workshop if you send the wires and terminals to me in the post.

Checked your rigging lately? Can you prove to your insurance underwriters that you kept your yacht in a seaman like and seaworthy condition? (Often a requirement of the policy). If the worst happens are you covered?

My report will make matters far more simple for you. Consider the cost of NOT instructing me.